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From self-image to mirror-image, whether I’m in your closet, shopping with you, or showing you my line of jewellery, I make how you look and feel my business.




In my clients own words:

"I always come away feeling personally affirmed, encouraged and stronger in self trust."            S.O.    Film Director

"You wove some magic in my closet last week. You gave me a great lift! Three days of wearing ‘our’ outfits and three days of compliments. You taught me a lot."     S.T.    Librarian
"I was a bit sceptical about what your personal shopping could do for me, but you've made me a convert!"       G.C.   Lawyer

"You took me to the cutting edge of my own style."    B.F.    Gestalt therapist/Consultant

"Your ability to 'get it' and put things together to always bring out who the person is rather than what the things are, puts you on your very own pedestal in style."      D.M.   Interior Designer
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