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Seasonal Trends

Spring 2013


  1. Black & white
  2. Tangerine 
  3. Cherry red
  4. Ice blue, indigo blue
  5. Toxic pastels
  6. Bight hues:shocking pink, neon orange, yellow, purple
  7. Pistachio
  8. Classic black
  9. Blush
  10. All white


  •         1.  Coloured metallics
  •         2.  Leather 
  •         3.  Silk
  •         4.  Chiffon
  •         5.  Tweed
  •         6.  Organza
  •         7.  Satin
  •         8.  Fringe
  •         9.  Lace
  •        10. Eyelet


         1. Animal prints

         2. Graphic

         3. Abstract Floral

         4. Stripes: horizontal & vertical

         5. Checks

         6.  Poka dots

         7.  Paisley


          1.  Contrasting black & white: in graphic patterns: zigzag, harlequin, checkerboards, diamonds, stripes, dots -interesting fabrics and design   

          2.   Ruffles: cascading rigid trims, framimg shoulders or down leg -very " grown-up feel"

          3.   See-through veiling: lots of sheer frabric  

          4.   The 60's: Beatles influence- bandleader jackets, graphic colour-blocking 

          5.   90's Grunge: flannel & combat boots  

          6.   Heavy metal: bold stripes, black leather,  fringe, heavy boots, lots of studs

          7.   The Mismatch: wear lots of clashing patterns & colours

          8.   Decoupage: a combination of three fabrics and textures -silk, pleated georgette, satin, lace, photo prints, snakeskin- a real hodgepodge

          9.   Super statement necklaces: span your entire neck, wear layers of necklaces

         10.  Boywear: manly suits, ties, and oversize shoulders

         11.  Sailor: stripes- horizontal & vertical, navy, red and white

         12.  Arts and Crafts: indigo denim, macrame, crochet, fringe, tie-dye, raffia, organic silk

         13.  Eastern influence: Japan (the kimono), India ( paisley prints & Nehru-collar pajama suiting and gold fringe), Russia and China

         14.  Digital patterns: such as abstract floral, animal prints in colours, brushstroke images, splodges and postage stamps

         15.  Pants: high-waisted trousers, wide or narrow pajama pants, scuba pants, cropped over-alls, coloured jeans

             WISH LIST:

            1.  Pointy flats

            2.  Tuxedo jacket or pant

            3.   Reptile skin shoe or bag    

            4.   Statement necklace

            5.   Trench coat

            6.   Something striped

            7.   Coloured  jean

            8.   Animal print with a twist

            9.   Black and white patterned piece

           10.  Printed top, pant, coat....

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